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How To Apply For Early Release Of Super For Dentistry?

Early Access to Your Super for Dental Work

Toowoomba Dental Treatment Room

Did you know that dental problems affect more than 2 million Australians and are common? If you have been facing acute or chronic pain related to your teeth, you may be eligible to access your superannuation early to pay for your dental treatments.

While superannuation can be released before retirement age under certain circumstances like financial hardship or disability, all Australians have the right to apply for early access on compassionate grounds. To access your superannuation early for dental care, you need to consult with a registered medical practitioner who can provide the necessary documentation to release your superannuation.

If you have always wanted to get your teeth fixed but don’t have the necessary funds, don’t worry. We can help you understand the process of gaining early access to your superannuation for dental treatments.

Can I use my super to pay for dental treatments?

Yes, you can access funds from the government to pay for necessary dental treatments. However, you must provide evidence to the government that you are suffering from either acute or chronic dental pain.

  1. Acute as the “rapid onset or progress of a condition” suggesting an urgency for treatment.

  2. Chronic is defined as “a condition having an indefinite duration or less rapid change” usually referring to a condition of “at least three months duration.”



To prove your eligibility, you will need to consult with a qualified dental practitioner and either a dental specialist or general practitioner (GP) to provide the ATO with the following documents and these documents are required to be signed and completed no more than 6 months before the treatment is to take place.

  1. An itemised quote or unpaid invoice for the dental treatment required to alleviate your chronic or acute dental pain.

  2. A medical report clearly states the dental issues causing chronic or acute pain.

  3. A copy of your treatment plan, including all stages of the treatment.

You will also need to meet the following four criteria:
  1. You currently do not have dental insurance to cover the treatment.

  2. You are unable to afford the required dental treatment by getting a loan, using your savings, or selling any shares, investments, or assets.

  3. The dental treatment you require must be unpaid. You will not be eligible if your treatment has already been paid for by any other means.

  4. You are or have been a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.


What dental treatments and procedures are covered?

If you're looking for dental treatments that are covered under compassionate grounds, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Dental implants,

  2. Dental crowns,

  3. Braces/orthodontic care,

  4. Root canal surgeries,

  5. Periodontics treatments,

  6. and O&M surgeries (oral and maxillofacial).

However, the specific procedure that is covered will depend on whether it is necessary to alleviate your acute or chronic dental pain. Before applying for early access, it is important that you consult with your dentist ore of the pain you're experiencing. orthodontist to provide evidence.


How do I access my super for dental work?

Consult with our dentist and complete the ATO online form yourself.

  1. You will need to complete the forms exactly as required by the ATO and submit them yourself.

  2. You will need to consult your superannuation fund to discuss release conditions.

  3. You will need to find a dental specialist who can provide the specialist report.

  4. The process can take anywhere from 14 days to several months.

Are there any disadvantages to accessing my super early?

Need help accessing your super for dental treatments?

How much can I withdraw for dental work?


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