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What To Do When You Knock Out a Tooth

Losing a baby tooth is an exciting milestone that may result in a visit from the Tooth Fairy. However, losing an adult tooth is a dental emergency.

Preventative Dentistry

When you knock out a tooth, act quickly

If a tooth is knocked out, it's important to act quickly. If the tooth is replaced into the socket or stored properly within five minutes, the chances of saving it are high. Between five and 60 minutes, there continues to be a good chance of saving the tooth, but it must be stored properly. However, if the tooth is out of the mouth and dry for more than 60 minutes, the chances of saving the tooth decrease significantly.

If an adult (permanent) tooth is knocked out, it can be saved, but immediate action is required.


1) Remain calm

Find your tooth and handle only the top (the white part you usually see outside the gum). Never hold the tooth by its roots.

2) Make sure the tooth is clean

If the tooth is dirty, rinse it in milk or contact lens saline solution. Do not scrape, rub or remove any tissue fragments from the tooth.

3) Immediately replant the tooth

Find the socket, and gently insert the roots into the socket until you hear a click or the tooth is level with the other teeth. Bite down on a clean cloth to help hold the tooth in place.

4) If you cannot replant the tooth

To keep your tooth moist, it's best to place it in a container of milk or contact lens solution, but not water. If the owner can, they can hold the tooth in their mouth next to their cheek. Alternatively, you can cover the tooth with clean plastic wrap and some saliva to help keep it moist. Remember, acting quickly in this situation and seeking dental care as soon as possible is important.

5) Do not let your tooth dry out.

Call us immediately at (07) 4646 4236  to book your emergency appointment and inform our receptionists about your situation.

If a baby (deciduous or milk) tooth is knocked out:


1) Do not attempt to replace it in the socket.

Re-implanting a baby tooth that has been knocked out may result in damage to the developing adult tooth.

2) Make a dental appointment asap

It's important to know that planting a baby tooth that has been knocked out may cause harm to the growing adult tooth. Therefore, it's crucial to make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible to manage any potential trauma to the lips and gums. Don't forget to take the knocked-out tooth with you to the dental appointment.

Call us immediately at (07) 4646 4236  to book your emergency appointment and inform our receptionists about your situation.


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